Silk Agate & Tibetan Braided Bracelets

In ancient times, people believed that tying sacred thread or talisman on the left hand brings blessings. According to sages and ancient scriptures, the left side of the body is considered as the “receiving end”. 

Madagascar Banded Silk Agate: is a grounding and balancing stone and one that can help us become more logical, rational and perceptive. It brings to us a sense of reality, helping us to better organize our life, to priorities those things that are important to us and stop us from worrying about the unimportant things in life. It generally helps us to feel more in control of things. Madagascar Banded Silk Agate also brings us courage, determination and a sense of inner peace. It eases feelings of anger, frustration, jealousy and envy. It is said to improve our memory and concentration and is a good stone for daydreamers, or those with wandering thoughts, as it helps to bring them back into reality.

Bracelet Length: 18 - 19cm