About Us

Hi Lovelies, 

My name is Jade and I’m the founder of Its Crystals. My journey with crystals begin when I was 12. Then, I received an Amethyst necklace as a gift from my aunt and I was told to wear it everyday for protection. That seemed absurd to me however I still wore it everyday as it was a gift from my aunt.

One day when I was crossing the road, I got into an accident and I was hit by a car. The weirdest thing that you can never imagine is that I was not badly injured.  The worst injury I had was merely just a few scars. However, my crystal broke into pieces. I told my aunt about this and all she said was the Crystal has taken the blow on my behalf. This might sounds weird but it is true!

Since then, I passionately research into different crystals and stone on the web and there are too many of them around that I found it hard to find a suitable crystal for myself.

Hence, I decided to start this store to educate and help individuals find their right crystals and stone for their current situation. Follow us to understand more about Crystals.