Aquamarine Palm

Aquamarine energy and healing properties are associated with the sea. This stone represents both calming effects and the huge power of a tide. Wearing this crystal will help you overcome all barriers in life, encourage you to express your feelings, give you freedom and inspire trust, honesty, and truth.

Similar to the reflection of the sea, Aquamarinereflects hidden truth. It will help you discover your true self, explore your soul and help you face others. The clear blue color of aquamarine crystal will help you explore your life, improve relations with other people, and help you speak openly.

Everything is easier while wearing aquamarine jewelry as it will inspire communication, motivation, help you be calmer, and repel fear and anger. This crystal will inspire you to be more open to other people, help others, be kinder and compassionate. You will judge every situation better and manage your activities.

Weight: Approx 40-50g (Small) | 70-80g (Large)

*Disclaimer: As these are natural stones, each and every piece purchased has its own unique colors and patterns.*