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The Master Healer, Clear Quartz: Healing Properties, Meanings, Benefits & Uses

Clear Quartz remains one of the most powerful crystal amongst the crystal world and is truly the stone of all stones. Some even calls it The Master Healer.

Clear Quartz may appear to be pure and simple in comparison to the rest of its vast family, but this powerful stone knows how to hold its own vibration when it comes to crystal healing. While other gems may lend specific properties or guide you, Clear Quartz has a deep intuition that allows it to bounce off your own strengths and needs, making it an expert at delivering on the quartz healing properties.

Clear Quartz Healing Properties

Even though Clear Quartz engages and balances every energy center, it is particularly powerful for both the Third Eye chakra and the Crown chakra. It can be used for any and all personal ailments because it vibrates at all color frequencies.

Clear quartz generally has strong amplifying qualities and it’s a powerful manifestation tool: no matter your emotional or spiritual needs, Clear Quartz can be programmed to address and manifest just about any intention. This is one of the reasons why it is so highly regarded. 

These stones resonate strongly within the higher chakras and are excellent to aid spiritual growth.You will also find that they may also aid the growth of your psychic abilities. They are particularly helpful to aid you to develop clairvoyance, also known as psychic visions. 



Benefits of Clear Quartz

Here are 6 amazing benefits of Clear Quartz.

Repel Negative Energy

It can repel negative energies and turn any harmful thoughts into positive thinking. The properties of clear quartz have been channeled for thousands of years for their soothing and purifying benefits – to this day, they are a fundamental part of energy healing practices.

Enhances Your Spiritual Sessions

Quartz is a great stone to use for meditation or any other spiritual healing session. It will help thoughts flow more peacefully and clearly because it is a gentle yet powerful crystal. 

Help You Align With Your Goals

Quartz is made of silicon and oxygen, which are two of the most abundant elements on the planet. This means it can help you align with your goals so they fit into the grand scheme of the Universe. 

Brings Clarity

Quartz is great for bringing clarity when you’re overwhelmed, confused, or need guidance. It can also help you focus a big vision so having it around when you brainstorm or daydream is a powerful way to feel the effects of Clear Quartz. 

Amplifies Healing

Quartz will help amplify any other healing work you are doing and multiply the power of any other crystals you are using. 


How to use Clear Quartz

Here are some way you can use Clear Quartz for your well being:

Carry It Where Ever You Go

Just like its body, it will reflect its transparency onto your own self and show you the insights. Bring a chunk of Clear Quartz with you everywhere you go to stay focused and clear. 

Using It During Spiritual Practices 

Wearing it or holding it during yoga or meditation, having it nearby when you are getting a massage, and carrying it with you during any body/mind/spirit modalities can create a stronger experience. 

Clear Quartz may also be utilized as part of a inner child healing meditation. You can use it as a focal point to view while you meditate.

Placing It in Your Bedroom or Workspace

Clear Quartz conducts energy, which is why it’s powerful to have around you. Having a piece of this stone in the vicinity is powerful, as clear quartz crystals make a very strong connection with the higher realms. Notice the clarity it brings when in meetings.

Clear Quartz is also a good crystal used to aid sleep. It’s an incredibly cleansing stone because it has no mineral inclusions (hence its completely clear color) and is considered pure. For a stronger experience, you may place a small Clear Quartz under your pillow.


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What is Clear Quartz?

Crystal quartz, also known as clear quartz, is a mineral composed of oxygen and silicone atoms. It is a trigonal crystal system member with a vitreous luster. Clear Quartz, as the name implies, is transparent and clear to white in color. It’s also known as Rock Crystal. Clear Quartz has the meaning of healing and spiritual growth.

Clear Quartz is also used to make silicon chips used in computers and other electrical equipment, due to its qualities.


History of Clear Quartz

Because Clear Quartz is such a worldly crystal, cultures from around the world have their own mythology related to this stone. The term “quartz” comes from the Greek word for “ice.” Ancient Greek philosophers like Theophrastus believed that the transparent stone was a form of permanent ice, so cold, it kept from thawing. European clairvoyants in the middle ages used crystal balls made of Clear Quartz, as they were said to assist in predicting the future. This may be where the crystal ball originated! 

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