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The Stone of Stability, Jasper: Healing Properties, Meaning, Benefits, & Uses

Jasper is a stone deeply connected to roots, nature, and the ability to stand in your own strength. Sometimes, even though we aren’t at war, the modern world can feel like a battlefield, and we can all benefit from a heady dose of strength, commitment, justice, and the bravery to stand in the power of our own authentic self. 

If you tend to feel lost, low on energy, in a negative bind with your own relationship to sex and passion, then this could be the stone you need to carve out a new lease of life. Jasper is a joy to behold and works wonders for bringing healing to the body, mind and soul.

Jasper Healing Properties

The frequency of Jasper is very steady and calming. It is almost like having the reassuring presence of a good friend at your side if you carry Jasper with you.

It can be very beneficial during times of stress and also brings confidence. Jasper allows us to face and deal with irrational fears and allows us to access inner peace, happiness, and a sense of completeness. 

Jasper is often associated with the season of autumn, with grounding and being connected to the energies of the earth.

Many people who love Jasper say that it anchors them in the present moment and helps with any tendencies towards over-thinking and worrying about the future.


Benefits of Jasper

Jasper has been used for jewelry and ornaments since the Palaeolithic times and now it is your turn to benefit from this colorful and durable crystal. Here are some benefits of Jasper: 


Like I mentioned above, Jasper is your good friend that bringing you the support, love and nurturing that you need. It is especially supportive during conflicts.


Jasper helps you revisit ideas that you may have approached with a scattered sense of identity or questioning in the past. It allows the best energies of this stone to come to your assistance when you really need it.

If you are prone to daydreaming and fantasizing Jasper can help you to be more present in the here and now, and to keep your feet firmly on the ground. Whilst it is good to dream, Jasper enables you to avoid getting lost in fantasies of how you want your life to be and start creating the reality.

Elevates Positive Mindset

Jasper stimulates uprightness and honesty toward yourself and others, and it will absorb your fears and worries – if you are willing to let these go and trust that you do not need them.

Jasper also provides courage to assertively tackle unpleasant tasks and stimulates the imagination and helps transform ideas into action. ​Most importantly, it imparts determination to all tasks.

Jasper is the perfect for those who’re looking for change in their life, career or mindset.

Balances Yin and Yang

Jasper holds the energy of balance and unite the energies of the masculine and feminine, which are also known as the Yin – the “dark side” – and Yang – the “light side”

It helps the holder be stable and find a balance between polarities in everyday life. Jasper is known to bring harmony in Body and Mind. It is believed to eliminate contradictions and establish mental stability for many centuries

This is partly why this stone makes such a great crystal to keep around if you find your head is in the clouds too much, or your worries tend to run away with themselves.


Because Jasper carries the energies of determination and motivation it can help with your financial situation if you call upon its abilities to boost your stamina in order to get things done


Types of Jasper

There are hundreds of Jasper varieties available, making it a versatile gemstone. Jasper comes in a range of hues and natural patterns. Here’s a list of Jasper types that are popular:

Agate Jasper – This refers to stones that combines both agate and Jasper. It can also refer to Jasper gemstones that display multi-color or banded patterns, similar to agate.

Biggs Jasper – This refers to Jasper found in the Biggs Junction area in Oregon. It’s found in shades of brown with beautiful patterns.

Green Jasper – A fully opaque type of Jasper found in varying shades of green. Green Jasper is a highly popular variety and was extensively used in the past.

Ocean Jasper – This variety showcases patterns with concentric circles. It’s found on Madagascar coasts.

Zebra Jasper – Refers to the coloring and the pattern, with alternating dark brown and light brown to white Jasper strips.

Morrisonite – This is a multi-colored Jasper variety found only in the Owyhee River gorge in Oregon.

Picture Jasper – This type of Jasper has beautiful patterns resembling pictures.

You will find that you are more drawn towards one variety than the others, and this will most likely reflect your needs for healing and support at the time. Hence, always choose the Jasper you’re most drawn to. 


How to Use Jasper

Wear them as a Jewelry

One of the best ways to ensure that you can access its powers and take advantage of its healing, nurturing qualities is to choose jewelry crafted from it. There’re many types of Jaspers out in the market but always choose the one that you’re most drawn to.

Alternatively, you can carry a smaller piece of Jasper with you in your pocket.

Use Jasper on Your Work Desk
If you do not wish to wear jewelry you can place tumbled stones in a pot on your desk, use larger, unpolished stones as paperweights


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What is Jasper?

Jasper is a type of Crystal that has been colored by a variety of mineral impurities, giving each Jasper its own distinct and breathtaking beauty. The variety of Jasper formed is determined by the type of mineral impurity found within the Jasper.

The presence of hematite turns the crystal red, limonite turns it brown or yellow, and chlorite turns it green. Jasper is most commonly found in its red form, often in large blocks that can be carved, making it a valuable commodity since antiquity.


History of Jasper

Jasper is one of the many gemstone varieties of quartz available today. It is an opaque and impure variety of silicon dioxide (SiO2). The name ‘jasper’ is derived from the Greek word for ‘spotted stone’, referring to its typical multi-colored, striped, spotted or flamed appearance. Jasper can form in virtually any colour. Jasper is usually considered a chalcedony, but some scientists classify jasper as a separate type because of its distinctive grainy structure.

Jasper is a dense substance, up to twenty percent of which can be made of foreign materials. Due to these trace impurities, jasper is rarely uniform. In some cases, jasper may even grow together with agate or opal. 

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